Dear colleagues,

With the 12th JMMC the tradition of joint meetings enters into the third decade of its history. The 1st JMMC in Taormina was initiated and organized by enthusiastic people from Italy, Poland and Hungary – Prof. G. Ronsivalle (Italy), Prof. A. Lipkowski and Prof. Z. Chilmonczyk (Poland) as well as Prof. G. Toth and Prof. P. Matyus (Hungary). Since the first meeting, the tradition has been lasted continuously every second year. After Taormina in 1999, JMMC events were organized in Budapest 2001, Krakow 2003, Vienna 2005, Portorož 2007, Budapest 2009, Catania 2011, Lublin 2013, Athens 2015, Dubrovnik 2017 and Prague 2019. Besides the founder members, the number of participating countries has increased to nine, covering now Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

We cordially invite you to the 12th Joint Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry 2021 organized by the Slovak Toxicology Society (SETOX) and the Institute of Experimental Pharmacology and Toxicology of Center of Experimental Medicine, Slovak Academy of Sciences under the auspices of the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry in May, 21-24, 2021 in Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic.

All JMMC events up to date were characteristic by networking people in various dimensions: transnational, connecting people from academic and industry, as well as getting together experienced and beginning scientists. In the same spirit we invite medicinal chemists from all (also not participating) countries and all stages and sectors of medicinal chemistry research.  

Our aim is to prepare for you a memorable stay in Bratislava, filled with new knowledge, interesting discussions and perspective contacts. We are looking forward to see you at the 12th JMMC in Bratislava.

Magdalena Majekova                                    Helena Kandarova
Congress President                                       Slovak Toxicology Society